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Who We Are

A Different Way Sober Living is a network of sober living homes based in Delaware County, Pa. We provide residents on MAT a place to live free from stigma. We provide a self help structure for those individuals that are motivated for recovery. We are passionate advocates of medically assisted treatment to aid in the recovery process. 

Our Mission

Our mission at A Different Way Sober Living is to provide a safe and organized environment for individuals who want to make the transition from addiction to recovery. We have developed a structured daily schedule to assist our residents. Implementing a 12 step program and encouraging our residents  to be accountable for maintain sobriety and working a program of recovery. We also encourage our residents  to seek employment. Guiding our residents back into the workforce and developing a budget is one of our goals at A Different Way. It is our passion to help the next sick and suffering addict heal under the living guidelines we have carefully structured. We would like to bring groups of addicts together to share a common bond and see them help one another recover. One addict helping another addict live in peace without resorting to drugs and alcohol to cope with the stresses of daily life. There is a way, A Different Way!! Our mission is to show our residents  the way to live sober. 

Our Vision

A Different Way strongly believes and advocates for the use of maintenance medication as a way to help our residents  in early recovery to help prevent relapse and over dose. A Different way has done  intensive research as to the benefits and statistics of maintenance  medication in early recovery. We will continue to advocate and support our residents especially against the stigma maintenance medication receives.

Thank you to our amazing supporters and sponsors!